Beattitude = Bea inspires + Positive attitude

BeaBop Productions
Inspired by nature and society.
Innovative solutions.

projects. training. leadership.

About BeaBop Productions.

BeaBop delivers creative, innovative and practical solutions;
ensuring all voices are heard; inspiring mindful leadership.


Absolutely brilliant!

Feel my Flow.
As your energy emanates.
Follow it.


A mantra for you to live by.

Using leadership and change management
to execute projects that result in
transformational experiences.

BeaBop Productions provides leadership and mentoring support in the areas below:

Project ideation and delivery

With extensive professional experience in taking ideas from idea to delivery and evaluation, Bea has found innovative ways to achieve results that bring people together to experience their voice and stories in action. Ranging from professional development across engineering to education sectors, to events and festivals in the arts, heritage and cultural sector, there is always a way that Bea champions intersectionality between an individual and the community or audiences at large.

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Attitude reflects leadership

Personable and passionate are just two of the words that are used to describe Bea’s work. Some of this is seen on her Youtube channel curated with social justice, well-being and creative videos to reflect and support individuals and companies large and small in their business or personal development.

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Develop work skills and leadership

Inspiring you to action by helping you to develop a positive mindset, express yourself creatively on paper or verbally, planning your marketing strategy whilst being mindful all the while.
Bespoke workshops on creative writing, social justice, diversity issues can be designed for big people and young people caters for all settings from corporate to community including theatre, carnivals, schools, festivals and corporate settings.

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BeaBop Productions: Creative Producer

BeaBop realises projects from ideation to delivery and evaluation.



Hello, I'm Bea, founder of BeaBop Productions and owner of SheerB.With critical thinking and communication skills that intersect engineering, media ...
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African woman wearing zigzag strip dress in teal, beige, white, brown. Silver cowrie earrings and a grey beaded necklace.


Bea has published her first poetry collection which is immersive in style with poetry interspersed with doodles to colour in ...
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Our Creativity.

As an artist and a project producer and programme manager, the possibilities are endless.
Creativity is always the key.

Our Projects.

BeaBop Productions is unique in listening actively to her client’s needs and then engaging in creative and collaborative
approaches to assessing the scope of the activities required to achieve their goals.

Creating immersive experiences
with poetry and doodles
for you to fill with your colours.

Dream-Drops and Doodles on Okra.