Lend your ears, open your soul for the Village Child podcast
Think ethnographic real-talk and quirky leadership interventions.

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It Takes a Village...

“I live here in this village community trying to grasp the stories and wisdom from my elders and my juniors on how to support the next gen of children of African and Caribbean heritage . I live and work in your village – with the children – a toddler, a baby, a teenager. Your children and your inner child.”

It's about Leadership

I am developing a creative podcast using my Anglo-Nigerian perspective of the Village Child – the inner black child through the stories of the ‘village’, a fractal of the diaspora.
Together, we will fill the gaps in culture, history and radical self care to nurture the Village Child. This will be achieved by exploring and incorporating elements of the African life cycle – a system that was broken 400 years ago, way after the existence of ‘Lucy’ from Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago.
You’ll hear offerings of alternative wisdom, practical and spiritual tools to support the welfare and mindfulness of our inner child and the next gen of children of African and Caribbean heritage.

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Brown lady with a barber design cut into bleached hair

It's Cultural Wisdom

What are the needs* of your (metaphorical) black child or/and inner child.

Apart from food, clothing and shelter, there are the other essentials like caring for 4c hair, introducing erased histories and cultures and inspiring that child so that each step they take is done without stereotypes gate-crashing the status of people of African and Caribbean heritage.

*Maslow’s 1943 pyramid of human motivation describes how we demand our basic physiological needs are met before we can consider chronologically our safety, social, belonging, self-esteem then finally self-actualisation.

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It's Radical Self-Care

And you should listen because although the system is broken, we want to use our experiences to build a village where the children are empowered to use their voice as a superpower – as a force for ‘good trouble’.

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Check back in as I develop the Village Child podcast coming later in 2021.

It’s about leadership. It’s cultural wisdom. It’s radical self-care.