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Hello, I’m Bea, founder of BeaBop Productions and owner of SheerB.

With critical thinking and communication skills that intersect engineering,
media and the arts, Bea is often called on to consult on projects,
to produce events and activities, and to write critical content that reflects
truth and justice in our society.

Producer - festivals, events, maker, crafter, project R&D, trainer


Experienced writer - journalist, creative, research


Communications - social justice, speaker/commentator, social media content creation

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Bea Udeh

Creative Producer/Founder

A Creative Statement

I write arts and cultural show reviews, poetry, prose, project evaluation reports. I am an author. I speak about my work and about topics related to my book, social justice, radical self care, parenting and more.

I create from ideation: programmes, workshops, projects and hand-crafted beauty products.

I mentor.  As part of my development and as I embrace the circle of life, I like to give back by mentoring young people and professionals across all walks of life.  You can contact me for bespoke mentoring services or to support the development of your mentoring programme.

I train people.  I came through the Train the Trainer route via Arts Training Central in early 2001-2002.  I design and facilitate bespoke workshops for creative development, performance and writing; equality and diversity to engage employees with social justice issues.  My previous clients include: Arts Council England, BBC East Midlands, New Art Exchange and Derby Theatre and secondary schools.

Bea's Biography

Bea has worked in the arts and cultural sector for 20 years. Her areas of expertise include audience development, cultural strategy and small biz entrepreneurship. Bea’s portfolio includes independent arts consultant, producer, and writer who’s commissioned work covers poetry, creative and critical genres.  Bea was project manager for the Real Creative Futures programme, providing ERDF creative business development support to start-ups residing in Nottingham City.  As a speaker and mentor, Bea uses her skills of working in the aero-engine, media, education, and arts sectors to challenge systemic practices that marginalise voices by raising awareness of infrastructural discrimination and anti-Blackness. 

Her current role as the AMA Programme Producer includes developing the training programme including managing the Audience Diversity Academy and Digital Lab.  Both Fellowship programmes help organisations find agile ways of transformational change from inclusivity and digital marketing perspectives, respectively.  Over the past 3 years, she has developed a symposium style event, Inclusivity and Audiences Day, to support the on-going work that AMA programmes on these themes, and to bring together members who want to enact change when considering their diverse audiences.  Bea has previously managed the AMA Mentoring Scheme and their UK network of regional members.  Bea also represents AMA by providing thought-leadership at conferences and events.

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